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Gaurav Gupta Ringtone Download

Gaurav Gupta is a renowned Indian singer-songwriter known for his captivating vocals and soulful melodies. Beyond being a singer, he is also a material scientist, who splits his time between his scientific research and his music career.

He has gained a massive following with his unique style and has performed at numerous concerts and events across the world. His music is a fusion of various genres, including pop, rock, and Indian classical music.

Gaurav Gupta Ringtone Download Mp3

Ringtone DownloadArtistsAlbumDuration
Iski Uski – Ringtone DownloadShankar Mahadevan, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Akriti Kakar, Shahid Mallya, Gaurav Gupta, Siddharth Mahadevan2 States04:14
Hulla Re – Ringtone DownloadShankar Mahadevan, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Gaurav Gupta, Siddharth Mahadevan, Rasika Shekar2 States03:41
Duma Dum – Ringtone DownloadGaurav Gupta, Arun Ingle, Devendra Chitnis, Mani MahadevanD-Day04:40
Turu Love 2.0 – Ringtone DownloadSupratip Bhattacharya, Hrishi Pandey, Gaurav GuptaTuru Love 2.003:10
Ki Kore Tor Kache Asha – Ringtone DownloadRupak TiaryKi Kore Tor Kache Asha03:08
Chhath Ke Parabiya – Ringtone DownloadGaurav Gupta, Shilpi RajChhath Ke Parabiya03:14
Labhar Ke Kabhar Na Chahi Ho – Ringtone DownloadGaurav Gupta, Antra Singh PriyankaLabhar Ke Kabhar Na Chahi Ho03:04
Karan Ne Arjun Se Kaha – Tu kya Maharathi Hai – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaKaran Ne Arjun Se Kaha – Tu kya Maharathi Hai06:24
Sadi Na Abki Kinai Ji – Ringtone DownloadGaurav Gupta, Shilpi RajChhath Ke Parabiya03:11
E Shohor – Ringtone DownloadSupratip BhattacharyaE Shohor05:54
Chala Chalake Torab Palag He Rani – Ringtone DownloadKishana Raj, Sanjana RajChala Chalake Torab Palag He Rani03:46
Orthohin – Ringtone DownloadSubhodwip SahaOrthohin05:59
Opekkhay – Ringtone DownloadDurnibar SahaOpekkhay03:56
Rangwa Gulal bhauji Hmre Se Khela – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaRangwa Gulal Bhauji Hmre Se Khela03:50
Jodi Chao – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaJodi Chao04:00
Ek Baari Aaja – Ringtone DownloadAaditya JainEk Baari Aaja04:45
Gaw Wali Guriya – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaGaw Wali Guriya02:18
Ram Ram Bolunga – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaRam Ram Bolunga07:19
Mal Ke Gift Aail Ba – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaMal Ke Gift Aail Ba02:56
Bomb Larki – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaBomb Larki03:38
Keu Aase Proyojone – Ringtone DownloadSujoy BhowmikKeu Aase Proyojone03:27
Jahar Jawani – Ringtone DownloadGaurav GuptaJahar Jawani03:08
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