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Indian Ocean Ringtone Downloaad

Indian Ocean, a renowned name in contemporary fusion music, boasts three bands under its banner, with the Northern Indian fusion band being the most prominent. Critics laud their music as a seamless blend of Indo-rock fusion, jazz-infused rhythms, and diverse cultural elements like sufism, shlokas, and environmentalism. Their journey began in 1990 when Susmit Sen and Asheem Chakravarty, driven by their musical passion, embarked on jamming sessions that eventually led to live performances.

Initially a duo with Susmit on guitar and Asheem on tabla and drums, the band expanded in 1991 with the addition of Rahul Ram on bass. Despite humble beginnings, their talent caught the attention of HMV, leading to the recording of their debut album in Kolkata. However, success didn’t come easy; the band faced challenges, including lineup changes and financial instability. Yet, their perseverance paid off when they received a rousing response at a New Year’s Eve concert in Delhi in 1997, paving the way for their next album, “Desert Rain.”

Over the years, Indian Ocean’s musical prowess earned them prestigious collaborations and international acclaim. From performing with renowned artists like Dr. L. Subramaniam to captivating audiences across continents, their journey epitomizes dedication and artistic innovation. With landmark albums like “Kandisa” and “Jhini,” Indian Ocean solidified their status as one of India’s most beloved bands, blending tradition with modernity in their distinctive sound.

Tragically, the band suffered a profound loss with the passing of Asheem Chakravarty in 2009, marking the end of an era. However, their legacy lives on through their timeless music and the indelible mark they’ve left on the Indian music scene. Today, their story continues with new projects like the documentary “Leaving Home,” chronicling their remarkable journey.

Indian Ocean Ringtone Downloaad MP3

Tu Kisi Rail Si Ringtone DownloadSwanand KirkireMasaan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)03:50
Kandisa Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa07:40
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday07:48
Ma Rewa Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa06:38
Hille Le Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa05:15
Zindagi Se Darte Ho Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanPeepli Live07:01
Mann Kasturi Ringtone DownloadAmit Kilam, Rahul Ram, Himanshu JoshiMasaan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)07:17
Bharam Bhap Ke Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday08:37
Des Mera Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanPeepli Live04:48
Aankhein Judi Ringtone DownloadPapon, Monali ThakurBollywood Hits by Papon05:20
Khajuraho Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa08:27
Rdx Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday03:12
Bomb Planting Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday03:55
Badshah In Jail Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday07:27
Training Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday03:59
Akhiyan Udeek Diyan Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAkhiyan Udeek Diyan11:50
Chase Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday03:31
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanIndiyeaah – Best Patriotic Songs07:53
Opening – Pre Blast Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday04:28
Kya Maloom Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa06:01
Kaun Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa10:03
Leaving Home Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanKandisa06:49
Des Mera-ii Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanPeepli Live04:52
Memon House Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanBlack Friday06:17
Bandeh-Times Of Music Version Ringtone DownloadSneha Khanwalkar, Rajan Batra, Piyush MishraBandeh-Times Of Music Version08:26
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian Ocean2 Nations 20 Legends07:48
Kandisa Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanIndiestan07:40
Ma Rewa Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAwesome Threesome06:34
Kandisa Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAwesome Threesome07:40
Hum Bhole The Ringtone DownloadPrasoon JoshiSatyagraha06:39
Bhor Ringtone DownloadAmit Kilam, Rahul Ram, Himanshu JoshiMasaan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)07:05
Des Mera (From “Peepli Live”) Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanMade In India04:48
Des Mera (From “Peepli Live”) Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanIndependence Day Celebrations 202104:48
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAman Ki Asha & Super Patriotic Hits07:48
Hille Le Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAwesome Threesome05:16
Bandeh Ringtone DownloadKailash KherBandeh04:02
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAazadi -Independence Day Special07:48
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAazadi And Other Hits07:48
Bandheh Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanAwesome Threesome07:53
Jaadu Maaya Ringtone DownloadIndian OceanTu Hai08:14
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